Raymond Smith


100 – 2429 152 Street
Surrey, BC V4P 1N4

I was born in Vancouver and raised in the Lower Mainland, which makes me rather unique, as it seems most here now are from many different parts of the world. After completion of my grade school education and a year of college, I enjoyed several vocations before choosing a career as a professional Firefighter which I was proud to be part of for over 34 years. It was during this time that I began to "hone" my knowlege of building construction from "the roof down" so to speak. It was also at this time, that I began building several homes for both myself, and for others. It is through this knowlege that I am able to find construction weaknesses, determine good workmanship from bad, and how to repair problems, both minor and major. I have been a licensed Realtor for 13 years. I enjoy the profession and believe I am good at what I do. Honesty and integrity are among my greatest assets...... "if I would not live in it myself....I would not sell it to You and Your's".

Thank you.